8 Common Fleet Management Mistakes (& How to Fix Them!)

Everyone makes mistakes, even a fleet manager who has been in the industry for decades. Even the most minor mistakes made in the fleet management industry may result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars lost.

Over its 35+ year history, AssetWorks has identified several common problems that plague the fleet industry, including PM scheduling, inefficient routes and more. Luckily, a simple solution exists for many of the fleet industry’s top challenges.

Under- or over-using your vehicles 

Over the years, your fleet size has fluctuated. How sure are you that you still have the right amount of vehicles to perform the tasks at hand?

GPS/Telematics show your true fleet utilization, so you can easily see which vehicles are used most often, and which are gathering dust in the parking lot.

Sitting idly by while your vehicles idle 

Vehicle idling is an often overlooked waste of fuel, but did you know that many vehicles actually idle for over eight hours per day?

GPS/Telematics help track idling costs, so you can create training plans to reduce idling among your drivers.

Never assessing your preventive maintenance schedules 

Are you sure your PM schedules are still as effective as when you first set them? Many fleet organizations set PM schedules once and never assess again.

With accurate data across all fleet platforms, you can easily track maintenance histories and make smart decisions based on fact, not status quo.


Letting your drivers drive whichever route they like best 

Just because a route is scenic, or passes by a drive-through coffee shop, doesn’t mean it is the most efficient route for your bottom line. Fuel is often one of the largest expenses for fleet organizations, and having drivers regularly drive routes that go out of the way quickly adds up.

With an integrated GPS system, you can create efficient routes in advance and actually track to see if your drivers are driving them.

Not keeping PM programs in compliance 

Are you required to keep your PM programs in compliance with local or federal regulations? Using accurate meter updates for mileage and hours leads to improved on-time service and planning of services and inspections– all while keeping your fleet vehicles and drivers safe.

Forgetting where you parked your car 

Yes, this happens in more parking lots than just the mall during the crowded holiday season!

You must be able to provide your drivers the assurance of locating the vehicle at the last known location where parked to avoid wasting time starting the job. Luckily, integrated fleet and GPS software can help through real-time location updates.

Keeping shop staff in the dark 

The technicians and other employees in your work shop are vital to your fleet operations. Without a seamless way to keep them updated on vehicles, they cannot perform their everyday tasks as they need to. Automatically use the diagnostic trouble codes found in the GPS system to create a service request and email the responsible employee in the shop of the trouble code details and work order creation with notifications.

Can GPS solve your fleet’s current challenges? Schedule a custom demo of AssetWorks GPS/Telematics offerings below:


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