Performance is important on the shop floor. We have the tools to help you.

Our software can help you:

  • Spend more time maintaining vehicles – Less time at a computer terminal means more time doing your actual job of keeping the fleet running optimally. Our fleet management software is designed to streamline the input and output of fleet information on the shop floor.

  • Streamline Preventive Maintenance (PM) schedules – Through standardized jobs, parts lists, scheduling and automated reminders, it can be easy to run a preventive maintenance program

  • Manage your parts inventory – Quick access to the parts you need is a critical component of an efficient maintenance facility. Order parts and charge them to specific work orders directly from your fleet management software. Parts room staff can accurately track and manage their inventory.

  • Keep your shop floor running smoothly – Tools for technicians such as easy access to work orders, historical data and checklists, as well as specialized functions for supervisors, such as work assignments, shop calendars and labor reports can help your shop floor operate more efficiently.

  • Manage commercial work – Do you have specialized projects, such as warranty repairs or body work, that is performed by an outside facility? FleetFocus helps you track all the relevant details of this work so that each vehicle has accurate historical maintenance data.

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FleetFocus is very user-friendly. The technicians in the shop caught on really fast. In that regard, we had very little resistance implementing this system. It helps provide smooth processes.

--George Hrichak, CEM, CPFP, Fleet Manager, City of Chesapeake
Read The Case Study

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