Extend functionality outside your maintenance facility with AssetWorks’ Mobile Apps and Mobile Solutions

Since the boom in popularity of smartphones and tablets, the need for fleets to adopt mobile solutions for their staff and customers has grown substantially. Today, it is more vital than ever for workers to be able to complete tasks on-the-go and for customers to be able to access information from any device.

With AssetWorks’ SmartApps Suite and Mobile tools, your fleet can rely on the convenience, ease-of-use and integration of the applications with the FleetFocus fleet management solution. From capturing real-time data and viewing upcoming PM work schedules to allowing clients to access their vehicle reservations from their smartphones, the SmartApps Suite has the capabilities to help your fleet continue growing in todays’ connected world.

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Does your fleet really need tablets?

This infographic covers the various fleet business uses for tablets to help you understand if tablets are right for your fleet.
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For more specialized needs, AssetWorks offers MobileFocus

MobileFocus offers comprehensive functionality such as inventory, work order management and labor capture in both connected and non-connected environments using a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) with an integrated bar code scanner. MobileFocus integrates with FleetFocus and SmartApps to offer a broader range of capabilities when needed.

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  • Ability to report incidents, change parking locations, review Work Order history, input meter readings and view upcoming PM work while on-the-go using the MyVehicle application
  • A historical overview of the time spent throughout a workday is shown on the timecard within the WorkCenter application
  • Visibility of work assignments using WorkCenter application
  • Rental classes can be reserved while on the road when using Reservation Center application
  • The Inspection application helps minimize paper forms which allows drivers to easily access the history of previously submitted checklists


  • Immediate accessibility to core FleetFocus functionality
  • Optimized downtime and increased labor productivity
  • Fully integrated with FleetFocus
  • Convenience while on the road