Fleet Management Solutions for Administrators

Access all your fleet data to make smarter decisions

Our software can help you:

  • Track critical data in a single place – Keep the maintenance data, fuel consumption and telematics information that is vital to how your vehicles are being used with our Fleet Management Solution

  • Plan your purchases wisely – Access historical maintenance data to accurately perform and document a full fleet lifecycle cost analysis. Manage the procurement and replacement process through from specifications to delivery and purchase reconciliation.

  • Streamline billing and administrative processes – Do you bill internally for work performed? Do you manage communications with multiple departments? Our systems are designed to save you time through clear workflows and data management. Manage accounts payable, accounts receivable and other related fleet financial processes accurately and effectively.

  • Strategically manage your inventory – Keeping your parts room stocked with the right equipment is a balancing act of costs and availability. Take advantage of electronic workflows that can help you efficiently request, purchase, receive and transfer stock and non-stock items between multiple locations.

  • Take advantage of warranty recovery – Track your warranty terms on your equipment, components and parts so that you can manage the repairs that should be covered by your initial investment. Using technology to help you administer your warranty program can help you save money without additional staff.

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