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Over 550 organizations trust our software to manage their fleet

With a proven track record over 30 years and more than 1,000 customers that span public and private industries, AssetWorks is a leader in understanding and developing solutions to asset management challenges.

Our Products

Our comprehensive fleet management solution provides better data in less time to aid in making decisions that have long-term benefits for the organization. With a proven track record of nearly thirty years, FleetFocus is the premier fleet management software solution for public and private fleets alike.

  • Reduce ownership costs
  • Extend the useful life of your vehicles
  • Increase equipment availability

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Never worry about consumable assets again. Our automated fuel management system supports continuous, real-time fuel management over virtually any communication platform. Its sophisticated combination of hardware and software provides accountability for metered or pulsed combustibles, including gasoline, diesel, propane, CNG, LNG, hydrogen, glycol, and lubricants.

  • Save up to 15% on fuel consumption
  • Improve accountability and green initiatives
  • Experience less fuel shrinkage

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AssetWorks GPS solution powered by Verizon Networkfleet addresses three vital questions: Where are my fleet vehicles? What are my vehicles doing? And lastly, how is what they are doing out there going to affect my organization in here?

  • Take advantage of pinpoint accuracy
  • Save money on fuel and maintenance costs
  • Prevent distracted driving and liability

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Our comprehensive asset life-cycle-based management system is designed to help fleet and asset managers find ways to minimize capital expenditures and operating expenses by maximizing the useful life of assets.

  • Replace assets at optimum economic end-of-life
  • Prioritize replacements to allocate scarce capital budgets
  • Manage the procurement process to minimize acquisition costs

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KeyValet is a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of running a motor pool including customer reservations, vehicle check-out, billing, and maintenance of vehicles. Motor pools assist fleet managers to reduce fleet size while increasing utilization.

  • Save money by from running your motor pool without additional staff
  • Save time through automated reservations and accurate, integrated odometer readings
  • Offer greater customer service through 24-7 access to motor pool reservations

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Effectively track all of your shop’s lubricants and fluids as well as the storage and dispensing of fluids, oils and greases. Lincoln Industrial’s versatile LFC 5000 Fluid Control System integrates with AssetWorks fleet management software to allow technicians to treat consumable goods in a fashion similar to how they would handle parts.

  • Flexible and scalable
  • Wired, wireless, or both
  • Designed for durability

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Backed by the trustworthiness of MasterCard® and accepted at more than 190,000 locations, the AssetWorks TRIPCard offers fleet organizations a whole new way of managing fuel and maintenance-related purchases for employees on the go. TRIPCard features data integration directly into our fleet management solution within hours of transactions posting.

  • See purchasing data and meter readings in near real-time
  • Set up notifications for approved or rejected transactions
  • Allow purchases only within your organization’s rules and restrictions

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With AssetWorks SmartApps Suite and Mobile tools, your fleet can rely on the convenience, ease-of-use and integration of the applications within the FleetFocus fleet management solution. From capturing real-time data and viewing upcoming PM work schedules to allowing clients to access their vehicle reservations from their smartphones, the SmartApps Suite has the capabilities to help your fleet continue growing in today’s connected world.

  • Gain immediate access to core FleetFocus functionality
  • Minimize downtime and increase labor productivity
  • Experience visibility and convenience while on the road

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