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Enterprise Asset Management White Papers

water maintenance

A “Deep Dive” into Public Works: Water Distribution + Water Maintenance

In this white paper, we will focus on the Water Distribution and Water Maintenance groups to outline the similarities and differences between the groups, while identifying the unique assets and requirements these groups must adhere to.

cities and counties

Advice From the Experts: Asset Management for Cities and Counties

 In this white paper, asset management experts provide answers to common questions cities and counties ask before implementing a new asset management system.

Enterprise Software Solution EAM

You Can’t Spell TEAM without EAM: How an Enterprise Software Solution Brings Your Organization Together

To become a high-functioning team, these groups need to have input and access to streamline activities and share information. For many organizations, this presents a challenge due to separate systems collecting information for different groups.

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Smart City GIS EAM

What is a Smart City?

Smart cities are usually understood to provide networked services that work across departments to retrieve data and to organize it into understandable and useful information.

Best practices for utilizing GIS data

5 Best Practices for Utilizing GIS Data

Whether your organization has utilities, parks and recreation, roads, bridges, signals or facilities, a robust integration between enterprise asset management (EAM) systems and GIS is integral to a long-term, successful asset management plan.

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accurate data

Why Accurate Data is Crucial to Effective Asset Management

All too often, asset intensive organizations spend a great deal of time and effort collecting data that is never used, or, even worse, they don’t collect the data they need to make effective decisions.

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asset management

Asset Management for Dummies

Do you have assets that need to be managed, but you have no clue where to start?

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Benefits of Integrating Enterprise-wide Systems

For fleet and asset management professionals, there are many frustrations that plague everyday life at the office; however, duplicate data entry across multiple enterprise systems is not only frustrating for you, but also for staff members across your entire organization.

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