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GIS asset management software

Make smart decisions using GIS data.

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The GIS capabilities in AssetWorks EAM increase transparency with your constituents by publishing open data through service requests, work orders, and capital projects. Asset information is easily updated from the map, data loading requirements are decreased, and processes are streamlined saving your staff time.

AssetWorks EAM automatically synchronizes with GIS in near real-time through bi-directional connection. Users can work directly from the base maps of their choice and create map layers using:

Esri integration

While some asset management software vendors are built on top of Esri, AssetWorks EAM wanted to provide a more powerful solution. We designed our EAM software to integrate seamlessly with Esri, without sacrificing your security or data integrity. 

Don’t use Esri? No problem. AssetWorks EAM works with any GIS, including Google Maps, Bing, and more. 

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White Paper: 5 Best Practices for Utilizing GIS Data

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Asset management software for cities and counties

What is GIS?

A geographic information system (GIS) represents a powerful way to collect, consume and analyze data across a variety of industries. When paired with an enterprise asset management software system, a GIS organizes a city, county, state or public works departments’ data into geography-based layers, like maps and 3D images, to provide powerful insights into data trends. 

Powerful features of Esri and AssetWorks EAM integration

  • Bi-directional integration utilizing geodatabase as an authoritative asset inventory
  • Compatibility with ArcGIS Server and Collector
  • Condition and cost summary updates from AssetWorks to GIS using versions, supporting review and QA/QC workflow
  • Status of work orders and service request features in GIS created and updated
  • Custom Esri base maps

The GIS integration built-in to the AssetWorks EAM system empowers cities, counties, states and public works organizations to view, manage and action necessary items seamlessly.

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