How Asset Management can Maximize EV Charger Uptime

Close Up Of Woman Attaching Charging Cable To Environmentally Friendly Zero Emission Electric Car At Home
Close Up Of Woman Attaching Charging Cable To Environmentally Friendly Zero Emission Electric Car At Home

Many electric vehicle chargers already have charger management software built into the charger, providing data on usage and current status, but the software may not be maximizing your chargers’ uptime. Data from your charger software is beneficial, but retrieving data on your chargers’ condition, service history, and maintenance, is necessary if you want to maximize your uptime- something only available with enterprise asset management software (EAM).

The best EAM software can integrate with EV solutions so enterprises can reduce their charger downtime through the following EAM features:

Automating Workflows

EAM software provides a digital workflow so everyone can view the current state of all assets in real time. If any anomalies occur, the automated workflow will make all information available to whoever needs them. Once alerted, maintenance managers can receive the exact location of the charger, along with detailed information on what maintenance is required- cutting down on time spent locating and figuring out the issue of the chargers.

Automating Repetitive Tasks

EAM eliminates repetitive tasks like asset maintenance, ordering parts, and restocking inventory by completing tasks automatically. This feature allows maintenance teams to no longer waste time on administrative activities and manual data entry, and instead, they can work on ensuring chargers remain up and running efficiently.

Tracking Tickets and Work Orders

Whether you have your team who maintains your chargers, or an outside maintenance team, trying to get ahold of someone when something goes wrong with a charger is nearly impossible when done manually. EAM solves that issue by managing and tracking operations and sharing the progress of work orders.

With EAM, there is no fear of missing a repair request or not finding a technician available- maximizing your uptime even more.

Better Managing Maintenance
EV chargers need switchgear, lightning barriers, and signage for safe use and a positive customer experience. Without preventative maintenance, there is no guarantee these components can continue operating correctly.
EAM has preventative capabilities to ensure chargers can continuously keep operating. Asset maintenance is imperative for chargers, so EAM automatically assigns and schedules routine maintenance activities. The intuitive software stores all maintenance history information, including the work and parts orders.

Measuring Repair Costs

Whenever chargers get a repair, EAM software can store the information so managers can later analyze the data provided. The ability to measure asset repair costs allows enterprises to calculate the chargers’ total cost of ownership and compare charging solutions- something only EAM software can provide. Finding a charger requiring fewer repairs and cost reduction ensures all chargers receive maximal uptime.

Asset management software provides historical and real-time data, reports, and diagnostic tools to maximize the uptime of your chargers while extending their lifespan.

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