Infographic: America’s Infrastructure Report Card2022-01-28T11:34:53-05:00

Infographic: America’s Infrastructure Report Card

ASCE Infrastructure Report Card Summary Infographic

Every four years, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) releases a report card outlining the highlights and lowlights of America’s infrastructure assets, including condition and performance statistics. In the most recent report card, our infrastructure assets received the grade of: C-.

In this infographic, the AssetWorks EAM team summarize some of the main takeaways from ASCE’s report, including water main breaks, road/pavement deterioration, and levee inventories.

There are many important improvements that must be made to improve America’s next infrastructure grade. Cities, counties, and public works departments should invest in an integrated enterprise asset management solution to track all of the work orders, inspections, and maintenance that keep communities safe.

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