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Capital Planning Software

Plan, analyze and adjust your capital projects and expenditures 

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For modern cities, counties, states and public works departments, efficient management of budgets and funding is vital to the safety and success of a community. With EAM’s extensive capital planning tools, organizations can plan for the future with care, transparency and accuracy. 

AssetWorks EAM’s capital planning functionality allows for the creation and management of unlimited plans, both short- and long-term. Supporting functionality includes:

Save time and money

With EAM’s capital planning software, cities, counties, states and public works organizations can account for all areas in which projects may require additional funding. This foresight allows departments to stay ahead of future challenges so projects can be completed on time and under budget. 

Monitor your funds in real-time 

EAM’s dynamic reporting and tracking allows departments to stay on top of allocated funds, so current and future projects can be prioritized based on real data. 

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White Paper: What is a Smart City?

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use capital planning software to manage budgets and funding

Visualize assets and projects 

EAM’s Capital Planning software provides short term and long term planning, as far out as 30 years, so managers can make informed decisions that will provide the greatest benefit to their citizens. 

The capital planning software built-in to the AssetWorks EAM system empowers cities, counties, states and public works organizations to more efficiently manage and maintain their budgets and funding, so they can focus on what really matters: the projects that will benefit their community.

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