4 Common Asset Management Problems (& How to Solve Them!)

how to manage work assignments in AssetWorks EAM software
how to manage work assignments in AssetWorks EAM software
My GIS data isn’t actionable!

Assets and infrastructure exist across your entire community, which makes having an integrated GIS platform crucial. With GIS, organizations can view all of their assets and infrastructure on a map, but a common challenge is incorporating this data into an effective asset management strategy. In order to make this data useful for your organization, you need to integrate it into your asset management system, so you can easily analyze your assets’ performance and maintenance.

Maintenance workers in the field are often an untapped resource for information on infrastructure assets. After integrating your GIS and asset management systems, visual, map-based views help to link spatial information with asset management information so you can rest assured that your data is accurate and up-to-date.

I can’t easily share data with other departments!

Do you find it difficult to share asset management data with other departments, like fleet or finance? When data isn’t easily shareable between these departments, important items might get lost in translation or even lost altogether.

An integrated enterprise asset management system acts as a centralized hub for all departments across your organization, including public works, fleet management and finance. With all data stored in one, integrated system, your organization needs less resources to maintain separate integrations. Training or on-boarding staff will also be simplified, since learning the base functionality in one portal extends to other portals in the system.

My department isn’t helping achieve sustainability goals!

With more and more communities around the country opting for more environmentally friendly projects, it’s more important than ever for public works organizations to take a look at how their current operations affect the world around them. Do your current asset management operations support your community’s green initiatives?

There are a few different ways to use an EAM system’s features to benefit the environment, including effective preventive maintenance (PM) scheduling, density monitoring and pollution monitoring. PM scheduling ensures that your assets are being properly maintained on an effective schedule, so you don’t waste resources on working assets or accidentally ignore assets that need maintenance. Density monitoring allows your team to see where recurring issues occur, so you can address any underlying problems.

I can’t reach my asset management software vendor for support!

When in the market for a new enterprise asset management software system, choosing the right vendor is key. In addition to powerful software features and a proven implementation strategy, the vendor’s software support team should be a contributing factor in your decision to invest.

What to look for in an EAM software support team:

  • 24 hour support
  • North America-based
  • Multi-channel accessibility (phone, email, tickets, etc.)
  • Specialized support for both software and hardware
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