One Solution for 7 Common Challenges of Local Government

Demo: How to Manage Scheduled Maintenance and Inspections
Demo: How to Manage Scheduled Maintenance and Inspections
Making It Simple for Local Government Organizations

Citizens depend on their local government to use resources effectively in order to improve quality of life for the community.

Despite their best efforts, many local governments end up facing similar challenges each day. The seven most common challenges facing these organizations are:

  1. Missing essential data for future budget requests 
  2. Relying heavily on paper notes, white boards and various communications to keep track of tasks throughout organization 
  3. Entering the same data multiple times in multiple systems 
  4. Poor record-keeping leading to audits 
  5. Creating data silos with multiple spreadsheets across departments 
  6. Losing vital information contained in paper work orders 
  7. Leaving FEMA dollars behind after an emergency situation 

Many of these challenges tie back into ineffective data collection procedures. All too often, local government organizations spend a lot of time collecting data that is never utilized. Even worse, sometimes organizations collect data that doesn’t help make effective, long-term decisions for the community.

So, what’s the solution?

Effective enterprise asset management software allows for organizations to coordinate their data collection, entry and maintenance so that they can rest assured that they have accurate answers for the daily problems they might face. Through mobile applications, community engagement portals, GIS-mapping and ERP integrations, organizations have a complete suite of asset management tools at their fingertips for wherever their jobs take them. How can your organization be improved? Capital planning tools? Interactive and dynamic mapping? Is there something that stands out for your organization?

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