7 Questions You Must Ask Before Selecting a CMMS 


CMMS has become a commonly used term in the industry, but if you are not as familiar, CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System. It is a software solution designed to streamline and optimize maintenance operations by centralizing data, managing work orders, tracking assets, and facilitating preventive maintenance scheduling. The importance of selecting the right CMMS cannot be overlooked, as choosing the wrong vendor could cause you to lose out on all these benefits mentioned.

We got you covered and have all the questions you should ask yourself and keep top of mind when shopping for your next CMMS. 

Question 1: What are My Maintenance Needs?

Thoroughly review your existing workflows, identify inefficiencies, and gauge the effectiveness of current maintenance practices. Doing so helps identify your specific needs and goals to clearly understand objectives and determine what functionalities you need to meet operational demands.
Also, ensure you understand your scalability requirements by evaluating your future growth projections, assessing the CMMS’s ability to adapt to expanding needs, and ensuring it can accommodate evolving maintenance demands as your enterprise grows.

Question 2: Is the CMMS User-Friendly?

Consider factors such as the user interface design and navigation flow to ensure a seamless experience and maximize productivity. Also, ask the CMMS vendor what training programs and support resources they offer to help with software adoption and ongoing usage of the CMMS.

Learn about the support opportunities AssetWorks offers for our CMMS customers: assetworks.com/eam/customer-support

Question 3: Does it Integrate with Other Systems?

Prioritize solutions that seamlessly integrate with other solutions- such as mobile applications, inventory management, or fleet management, as it ensures efficient communication and sharing of information between different systems. By avoiding data silos, enterprises can optimize resource allocation, enhance decision-making processes, and streamline overall operations.

Question 4: What are the Implementation Costs?

Consider the initial setup expenses, including implementation and customization costs, when selecting a CMMS. Think of subscription or licensing fees to ensure they align with your budget and long-term financial planning.  Don’t forget about maintenance, upgrades, and additional user license costs as well, as they are often forgotten when planning. Cheaper is not always better, so ensure you are still getting bang for your buck.

Question 5: How Robust is the Reporting and Analytics?

Evaluate what reporting tools the providers offer for their CMMS so you can retrieve comprehensive insights into performance metrics and trends. Additionally, prioritize customization options for analytics to tailor reports and analyses to your enterprise’s specific needs.

Question 6: What Support and Training are Offered?

You hope you do not have any issues, but it is still good to assess the availability and responsiveness of technical support offered by the CMMS provider. You also want a provider who keeps the system optimized and secure, minimizing disruptions to your maintenance operations.

Question 7: Can I Get a Customized Demo?

Make sure the vendor can provide you with a customized demo of the CMMS to see how well the software aligns with their specific maintenance needs and operational workflows. This helps you feel like you have selected a CMMS that meets your requirements.

Scheduling a customized demo of AssetWorks CMMS is easy. You can do so right here or by filling out the form below. 

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