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Work Order Management Software

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AssetWorks EAM provides comprehensive work order management software to support the planning, tracking, and completion of all work, from scheduled maintenance to prioritized emergencies. 

The application provides a wide variety of supporting functionality including:

Scheduled Maintenance and Inspections 

With AssetWorks EAM, your entire department, from the office to the field, can communicate seamlessly. In this video, see how scheduled maintenance and inspections are completed in the system.

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Work Order Tracking

In EAM, work orders may be tracked spatially via the map, list views, or a combination of both. Work orders can be generated on one or multiple assets with unlimited tasks, services, and inspections, and unlimited service requests may be added to work orders for timely resolution. 

Work Assignments 

All work orders, tasks, services, and inspections can be assigned in any complexity to vendors, crews, and technicians. Work can be auto assigned based on type of work and area of responsibility, saving time for staff by removing the need for manual work scheduling. Work may also be manually assigned using calendar functionality to plan and schedule work, which includes:

  • Tracking of shifts, crews and technician availability 

  • View daily, weekly and monthly work

  • Assign work orders and service requests

  • Track indirect time, such as training or paid time off

  • Schedule work based on technician skill/certification

Technician and crew management 

AssetWorks EAM provides technicians and crews the ability to complete work orders, update asset information, manage service requests, and more utilizing the EAM Connect mobile app.

Available on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices 

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