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Parts and Materials Management Software

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AssetWorks EAM provides fully integrated parts and materials inventory management for an unlimited number of stock locations, which directly connects to EAM’s work order management, allowing technicians and crews to request parts and materials from an inventory location directly to a work order.

The application provides a wide variety of supporting functionality including:

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Parts and Materials Management made easy. 

In this short video, see how users can benefit from AssetWorks EAM’s parts and materials management functionality.

Part Records

AssetWorks EAM tracks an unlimited amount of parts and materials records. The unlimited possibilities of part records provides detailed information and inherent workflows, like:

Inventory Location

  • Stock status

  • Inventory month/count group

  • Markups

  • Parts/materials transfer 

  • Serialized parts

  • Positional information 

  • Unlimited inventory and bin locations 

  • Mobile inventory locations

  • Average price/LIFO/FIFO

  • Min/max or EOQ

  • Unit of measure/issue 

  • Preferred vendor 

  • Unlimited cross-references


  • Vendor contracts with spend limit & expiration notifications 

  • Warranty 

  • Lead times

  • Minimum order quantities 

  • Discounts

  • Order price 

Easy inventory ordering with EAM’s Inventory Catalog Portal 

AssetWorks EAM’s Inventory Catalog portal allows internal and external customers to order, track and receive orders from the warehouse without needing to visit in-person.

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Technicians and crews can request parts/materials from one or multiple inventory locations through multiple methods depending on permissions:

  • Auto-request of parts/materials upon adding a task or creation of a PM/Inspection work order

  • Choose from a task specific pre-populated list of standard parts/materials. This list can be pre-loaded and/or allow AssetWorks EAM to learn parts/materials used over time

  • Look up parts/materials by ID, description, or categorization

  • Request parts/materials not from inventory

  • Use the comment request option when a parts/materials ID is unknown

  • Send a parts/materials return request to the inventory location

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