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EAM and fleet management software

Bridge the gap between fleet and public works 

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The partnership between fleet and public works is more important than ever. AssetWorks EAM is the only asset management solution on the market today with an optional, fully integrated and comprehensive fleet and equipment management solution.

Fleet-specific functionality can be configured to maintain separation of data while still providing efficiencies between fleet and the departments they serve.  

Integrated fuel management software

AssetWorks provides the only asset management system today with a real-time, fully integrated fuel management system. With FuelFocus, users benefit from its sophisticated combination of hardware and software, providing accountability for metered or pulsed consumables, including gasoline, diesel, propane, CNG, LNG, hydrogen, glycol and lubricants.

Don’t use FuelFocus? No worries. AssetWorks EAM can integrate with existing fuel management systems. 

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White Paper: 3 Major Benefits of an Integrated Fleet Management System

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EV Charging for Public Works

For modern cities and counties, investing in electric vehicles is just the beginning. FuelFocusEV empowers fleet managers to electrify their fleets while maintaining total control and visibility of their fleet data. AssetWorks teamed up with industry leading EV charging hardware providers to create a comprehensive and totally integrated software package to monitor, alert and record all relevant data from electric vehicle charging and fleet management operations.

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For over 40 years, the AssetWorks team has partnered with our software customers to create industry-leading fleet and asset management software. 

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