Two Reports Public Works Directors Should Run for their Organizations

Are you up to your elbows in different spreadsheets, work order forms and varying reports? Are they coming to you in a logical order, or are they showing up haphazardly, without any reference to each other? Your Public Works maintenance data becomes much more useful and actionable when it is provided in clean reports that follow logical processes. In fact, there are two specific reports that follow each other that would be helpful for you as a public works director.

PM Compliance

The Preventive Maintenance (PM) Compliance report shows the extent to which preventive maintenance is being done on time. Let’s take Peter, the Director of Public Works for a mid-sized city, as an example. If he runs this report in his enterprise asset management system and discovers that his team is ahead of schedule, Peter is probably overestimating his work. If Peter is behind schedule, he is likely spending too much time doing reactive maintenance. As Director, this is useful information to know. Can Peter snatch some low-hanging fruit and easily adjust his preventive vs. reactive maintenance scheduling to save his organization time and money?

Below is an example of Peter’s PM Compliance report. As you review it, keep in mind some important features:

  • If the meter is early/late, the days are also early/late
  • When the report is opened, the dates need to be set properly
  • Need to close some PM Work Orders (WO) with appropriate hours and know they may be marked late

Work Order Completion

Peter can take his reporting to a second level by following up his PM Compliance report with a Work Order Completion analysis report. If the PM Compliance report is ‘bad,’ Peter can review the Work Order Completion report to see why a specific work order or technician is failing to do their job. Essentially, it allows Peter to be able to view the productivity of his technicians from an overall perspective, while also giving him to option to drill down to an individual level.

Below is a button that links out to a PDF example of Peter’s WO Completion report. As you review it, keep in mind this important feature:

  • This report allows you to how time and parts have been charged to WOs

With these two reports, Peter can take control of the information about his maintenance team that comes to his desk: no more spreadsheets or unwelcome (or inaccurate) reports. Through PM Compliance, Peter can get a better understanding of how efficient his team’s scheduling is regarding reactive and preventing maintenance. By following up with WO Completion, Peter’s view of his team’s productivity and success rate when it comes to certain kinds of work orders. If necessary, Peter can drill down to the specific technician that his failing or the specific task that is presenting his team issues. AssetWorks Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system provides these reporting capabilities, a centralized database for accurate and logical data and much more.

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