How Secure is Your City’s Enterprise Asset Management Data?


Unfortunately, these days, it’s not uncommon news to hear of a city or county that has become the victim of a cyberattack. Ultimately, this can mean their systems are down for days, heavy costs to free ransomed data or to hire experts to clean it out and a reduced perception in the public’s eye. It may seem inevitable – our security can’t possibly protect against any all security threats that may come up.

In the world of cybersecurity, threat development and response may feel like a game of cat and mouse. First, encryptions, protocols and good employee instruction are used to keep sensitive information safe. Eventually, security becomes lax or a hacker comes along with impressive skill and the encryption is broken. In response, data security experts patch the intrusion (if it was a software weakness), and work to develop an even better encryption.

Some security measures are better than others. Some organizations and institutions follow government guidelines in ensuring that their servers, networks and sensitive data are encrypted at the highest level available. With this level of security, government agencies, police departments, cities and counties will trust these organizations to safeguard customer, community or employee data.

In your city or county, you may not feel like you have the same level of sensitive data that may come along with social security numbers, credit cards and personal addresses. All the same, your asset information, capital budgets and employee data are critical to your operations and could potentially lead to criminal activity if it were in the wrong hands. As it stands, any interruption to access to your data could result in significant repercussions for your community. As asset information cannot be logged, datasets will be incomplete and budgets will be inaccurate. If work orders cannot be completed, certain critical repairs may go unfinished, creating hazards in your community.

Having a software system that guarantees secure access to your data and maximum uptime is crucial to your success and operations. AssetWorks Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software adheres to the strictest governmental standards for data security, redundancy and uptime. As a result, you may experience unparalleled comfort in knowing that your community’s sensitive information is secure and available to authorized individuals at a moment’s notice.

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