How to Optimize Pickleball Court Maintenance with Asset Management Software

asset management software
asset management software

Installing pickleball courts requires enterprises to invest time and money, so it is crucial to protect that investment by completing routine inspections and maintenance. Completing pickleball court maintenance will help extend the court’s lifespan and appearance. A maintained court is not only safer, but it attracts more visitors to utilize the court.

Parks and recreation departments already manage a variety of assets and facilities, such as parks, sports fields, and trails, making the addition of pickleball courts an extra undertaking. That is no reason to decide not to install pickleball courts in your community, as it is the fastest-growing sport in the United States. Instead, use AssetWorks Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software to make maintaining pickleball courts simple and efficient, even in the off-season. 

asset management software
Maintaining the Court's Surface

To extend the longevity of a pickleball court’s surface, park facilities must complete routine maintenance. A pickleball court will experience a range of environmental factors and wear and tear from players, so how well crews care for the court can impact its lifespan. 

Asset management software enables departments to schedule regular maintenance tasks for the court surface, such as cleaning, surface repairs, resurfacing, and painting. EAM schedules maintenance based on manufacturer recommendations and usage patterns. When it is time for maintenance or repairs, EAM software automatically creates the work order. Departments can specify the nature of the task, assign it to maintenance personnel or contractors, set priorities, and establish deadlines.

Maintenance Tip: When crews go out for routine maintenance, they should remove dirt and debris from the court to reduce tripping hazards and prevent staining. Use a leaf blower or broom for debris removal, and avoid pressure washing. Courts in the shade that are not maintained risk having mold or mildew. Simply having crews mix water, bleach, and detergent can help prevent mold/mildew from forming.

Regular Court Inspections

Pickleball courts need regular inspections and routine maintenance to ensure player safety by identifying and addressing hazards like surface cracks or debris. Routine inspections also help maintain court quality, enhancing the playing experience and extending the lifespan of court assets. When crews head out to the courts to complete their inspections, they should inspect the following:

  • Drainage
    After heavy rain, promptly report and assess any standing water on the pickleball court. Areas that form puddles deeper than 1/16 inches in depth should be patched. To prevent debris buildup and premature surface deterioration, crews should clear water from the court with a water broom.
  • Cracks on the Court Surface
    Record all cracks on the court surface, noting their location, size, and any observable changes. Additionally, inspect the surface for bubbles or blisters, which may result from sub-surface water pressure impacting the coatings.
  • Court Lines
    Give special attention to the pickleball court’s lines and ensure they are visible and distinct, especially when converted from tennis courts. Regularly inspect these lines for cracks, fading, or stains, and follow the proper steps for cleaning or repainting them when needed.
  • Amenities
    Establish a regular inspection and maintenance schedule for adjacent amenities near the pickleball courts. Include the court’s fencing, windscreens, lighting, bleachers, storage areas, and restrooms/portable toilets in your inspections. 

Asset management software streamlines inspections of pickleball courts by automating scheduling and checklists, ensuring timely and thorough assessments. It facilitates real-time data entry through mobile access, allowing inspectors to document findings directly on-site, improving accuracy and efficiency. EAM systems also maintain inspection records for historical reference, helping identify trends, track maintenance needs, and enhance risk management for pickleball court facilities.

asset management software
Off-Season Pickleball Court Maintenance

As winter approaches, maintenance still applies for pickleball courts and should be regularly cleared of dirt and debris, as neglecting this can lead to stains and damage. Departments should still complete comprehensive inspections of the court area, addressing equipment wear and damage promptly with work orders and replacement parts. In areas that experience extreme winter weather, they should consider removing and storing nets and review the season’s maintenance records to identify any underlying issues that may require attention.

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