How to Use Community Feedback to Improve Park Operations

Mother and toddler spending time in the playground
Mother and toddler spending time in the playground

Parks are a reflection of the quality of life in a community. The National Community Survey by Poloco measures residents’ opinions about their cities. Through their assessment, they confirmed parks and walking trails are a top priority for residents when determining whether a community is livable. With parks such a high priority for residents, they must be in supreme condition.

By providing a platform for park visitors to submit their experiences and perception of the park’s condition, departments can gain valuable insights that might go unnoticed. Having a location for park attendees to submit feedback allows parks and recreation departments to stay on top of maintenance issues and understand aspects of the park needing improvement. 

Improve More Than Maintenance

Parks take up a decent amount of land, often making it challenging to locate problem areas and stay on top of issues. Community feedback allows parks departments to gather information from residents on any maintenance issues or assets requiring attention. Not only does community feedback improve park maintenance, but it will have a ripple effect and improve other parts of park operations. 

  • Satisfaction
    Feedback provides insight into visitor satisfaction with the park’s amenities, cleanliness, and overall experience. Monitoring visitor experience on a routine basis helps identify trends and allows parks departments to make necessary adjustments to maintain a positive visitor experience.
  • Safety
    Community feedback can make departments aware of any safety concerns. Whether it is broken equipment, hazardous pathways, or a light being out, quickly identify any safety issues so park staff can take quick action to ensure the safety of parkgoers. 
  • Community Engagement
    Offering a platform for community members to submit their opinions fosters a sense of ownership and pride in the park. When park visitors feel their opinions are valued, they are more likely to continue reporting any issues. 
  • Long-Term Planning
    Input from the community allows parks departments to plan long-term with the park’s maintenance and development. By understanding the needs and wants of the community, park managers can create a comprehensive maintenance plan and make informed decisions about future improvements.
Community Feedback in Asset Management Software

AssetWorks Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software offers a platform for community members to submit feedback. Our EAM solution consolidates all community feedback into one centralized system. Consolidating the data into one solution allows managers to track, analyze, and address maintenance needs efficiently.

Once a resident adds a submission, the parks department will be alerted in real-time, and a work order will be automatically generated in EAM. These work orders can then be prioritized based on the severity of the reported issue to help streamline the maintenance process and ensure any urgent issues get addressed promptly. By addressing any problems proactively, departments can reduce the risk of being met with a costly and extensive repair later down the line.

GIS to Address Community Feedback

Depending on the location of the request, it may be hard to locate the asset’s location. AssetWorks EAM integrates with Esri GIS so parks departments can visualize assets and their location on a map. Once a request is received, the software will display the exact location of the assets- allowing for a quicker understanding of the context and a faster response time. 

Having an integrative GIS solution, managers can see where the nearest source is to respond to requests to help optimize resource allocation. Combining these two solutions allows for the request to be responded to quickly and assigned to the appropriate personnel, and tracked to completion. Not only will this help maintain assets more efficiently, but it will lead to higher satisfaction from parkgoers.

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