How GIS Helps Asset Managers Streamline and Coordinate Maintenance

eam service request app
eam service request app

In today’s world, asset managers need to be able to maximize budgets and minimize effort to effectively manage a volatile economic landscape in public works. With thousands of assets, hundreds of personnel and increasing regulatory requirements, asset managers need to be able to coordinate activities to reduce the cost, duplicative efforts of their maintenance crews and the time it takes to complete work. Though there are many ways of accomplishing this, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) is one of the best.

Instituting a GIS program in your organization will not only increase the transparency your organization offers constituents, but it also assists your organization in data collection, historical information, coordinate maintenance activities and much more.

GIS programs have many tools and functions to assist asset managers in meeting their regulatory requirements and transparency needs, such as multiple APIs, that allow for:

Asset Data Collection

  • Asset Inventory
  • Asset attribute collection
  • Condition assessment
  • Asset inspections

Current Maintenance Activity Layers

  • Potholes (filled, scheduled, unscheduled)
  • Lane resurfacing
  • Litter control
  • Signal replacements
  • Traffic detours
  • Capital project information
  • Much more!

Asset managers are responsible for reporting information such as asset condition, work completed, maintenance schedules and asset replacement details to many entities that range from local and state to federal.

Asset managers also have to be able to track and schedule maintenance activities for all of the organization’s assets, which includes all non-spatial assets as well. Visualization of work in a map-based view allows maintenance crews to plan their work and view current priorities.

To enhance the benefits of GIS for asset managers, the organization’s robust enterprise asset management system should be integrated with GIS to maintain accurate, up-to-date information for complete transparency.

AssetWorks Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software offers a robust integration with GIS that brings in asset information to the EAM system and sends back information concerning asset updates, Service Requests, and Work Orders for viewing and spatial updates.

Through REST services, information concerning current and prospective work can be updated and viewed, per the needs of the organization, by constituents, counsels, boards, and agencies.

AssetWorks EAM software integrates data between the two systems, EAM and GIS, to create a powerful reporting tool, maintenance management application and public-facing application to meet all of the needs of you- the asset manager.

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