How to Create an Awesome Dog Park

Australian shepherd playing in the dog park.
Australian shepherd playing in the dog park.

Dog parks are the fastest-growing park amenities, and why wouldn’t they be? They provide a safe space for dogs to exercise and roam freely. In 2022, 70 percent of households in the United States owned a pet, and that number continues to rise. With more pet ownership, it is no surprise that park agencies across the country are working to build more dog parks within their communities.

So, when it comes time to build your community’s dog park, what should you include? There are specific features dogs and their owners like to see when visiting a dog park. Let’s see what you should have that ensure your dog park is the best in the community: 

  • Good Design
    You want your dog park to be between one and two acres, but there are key elements you should include in the space. All the park’s amenities should display harmoniously- so there is enough room for dogs to run off-leash. What amenities should you incorporate? You will want to ensure the park has a shaded area, ramps and platforms for the dogs, seating for their owners, water features, and a dog drinking area. You will also want to design a gated in-and-out system and clear signage. Incorporating a double-gated entry is fundamental in reducing dog escapes and allows owners to prepare to enter or leave the park safely.
  • Bulletin Board
    The National Parks and Recreation Association expressed that communication is necessary for a successful dog park. Including a bulletin board or other signature around the park, an entryway is a great way to communicate updates about park conditions to parkgoers. It can be in the form of a fun design (ex: a cutout of a large, fake tree or a fake doghouse).
  • Events
    Hosting events and programs at your park, such as concerts and food trucks, is a great way to attract more users.
  • Sanitation
    Not only do grass dog parks gather wear and tear, but owners may be concerned about sanitation. You may not want to opt for a black asphalt dog park, but there are ways to make the asphalt look whimsical- by painting bright colors onto the asphalt.
    A turf dog park is also a clean option if it receives proper maintenance. Your crews should continuously visit the park to remove waste, dirt, or debris. A High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum is a great tool to remove any bacteria from the turf while also deodorizing.

Keeping up with day-to-day park maintenance and planning regularly scheduled maintenance inspections is crucial to dog park longevity. Utilizing asset management software is a comprehensive tool for maintenance scheduling and receiving requests from parkgoers.

With AssetWorks’ Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software, park visitors can submit service requests, and the software can automatically submit the request to the appropriate area of responsibility. The same goes for routine maintenance- EAM will assign using a calendar functionality to plan and schedule the park’s maintenance, so it does not need to be assigned manually.

Proper Budgeting

Don’t forget to budget the financial costs of maintenance. With the right asset management software, budgeting can be easy. Short-term weekly costs you should account for include the following:

  • Waste removal
  • Lawn care
  • Adequate sanitation
  • Disposable bags re-supply.

Don’t forget to consider long-term maintenance costs, such as replacing broken or weather dog park equipment or repairing fencing. With no room for budgeting errors, AssetWorks EAM offers a capital planning module to accurately plan for the short and long term. Our capital planning module helps you stay ahead of any financial challenges so they can be solved timely and within your budget.

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