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Asset Performance Assessment 

See into the future by monitoring and analyzing your assets

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EAM’s Asset Performance Assessment tool allows users to monitor and predict the deterioration of any type of asset over time, so maintenance, replacement and disposal costs can be accurately planned for.

Mobile Benefits

Updates can be easily made with or without a work order using the AssetWorks EAM Connect mobile app. The app provides an easy-to-use experience to engage with assets, requests, and orders through both map and lists views.

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White Paper: Why Accurate Data is Crucial to Effective Asset Management

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Keep Data Up-to-Date with Recommended Tasks 

Asset condition and performance are constantly changing depending on maintenance, use, and external factors, like weather. In EAM’s Asset Performance Assessment tool, users can define recommended tasks based on the current condition of the asset. The right team at the right time will be alerted via text or email when a condition threshold is reached and generate a work order to complete the recommended tasks. Upon completion of the recommended tasks, condition improvement and cost are updated in EAM.

Asset Performance Assessment functionality allows permissioned users to select assets to be added to a capital project, providing detailed tracking of:

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