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Asset Management Software

Technology to manage and maintain all of your assets– big, small, and everything in between

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AssetWorks EAM empowers software users with the latest asset management technology. With EAM, managing and maintaining point, linear, boundary and non-spatial assets of any type as never been easier.

Asset templates within EAM improve the ability to manage and report on assets by standardizing:

Historical tracking

Complete life-cycle history is tracked on all assets for costs, attributes, condition and more. All of this historical information is searchable and reportable in EAM, so you don’t need to dig to find the data you need. Smart notifications can also be triggered to alert the right staff when repeat tasks are created sooner than expected based on this historical data. 

Have historical asset data in legacy systems? Don’t worry. It can easily be imported in AssetWorks EAM during implementation. 


Communication issues are a thing of the past. Notifications can be auto-generated in EAM on any triggering event, which eliminates manual administrative tasks for your staff, like phone calls, emails and reactive data lookup. These notifications can be sent within EAM, or directly to the staff member via email or text message. 

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Preventive maintenance & inspections

Preventive maintenance (PM) tasks keep your assets and community safe. With EAM, PM schedules are tracked for all assets in the system. Each PM program can contain as many services and inspections as required for the full life-cycle of the unique asset.

It’s time to automate your PM procedures. All services and inspections can be triggered with lead times, which removes manual processes and creates efficiencies for staff by enabling automated functionalities, like scheduled service due reports and notifications of service/inspection due dates to the appropriate teams.

Life-cycle management

EAM provides full lifecycle costing and management for all asset types, including:

  • Life-cycle status

  • Preventive maintenance, inspections & repairs

  • Labor cost

  • Parts/materials cost

  • Equipment usage

  • Vendor/contractor work

  • Performance assessment

  • Capital planning

The asset management software built-in to the AssetWorks EAM system empowers cities, counties, states and public works organizations to more efficiently manage and maintain their assets, regardless of type or complexity. 

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