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Citizen Engagement: a 311 mobile app for your community

311 mobile app
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Maintaining a safe and happy community doesn’t get much easier than this.

Do you ever wish your community’s needs were directly integrated into your asset management software? With the AssetWorks Citizen Engagement mobile application, they can be! With the mobile app, citizens of your community can report issues (like pot holes, damaged signs and fading line paint) from their smartphone or tablet, which then integrate directly into AssetWorks EAM software. 

Who is Citizen Engagement for?

Internal staff, outside agency staff (like public safety and custodial staff), and citizens of your community.

What are some key features?

Reporting sources, issue definitions, location mapping and photo/video attachments.

Can the app sync with my agency's website?

Yes! You can embed Citizen Engagement in your public website for citizens without mobile devices.

What devices support the app?

The Citizen Engagement mobile app is available on smartphones, tablets and web browsers.

How configurable is the app?

Citizen Engagement is completely configurable! With the app, you have multiple instances for specific audiences and unlimited customer-defined definitions.

Does the app support workflows?

Yes! With the app, you can automate workflows so requests are sent to the right person with the correct priorities, tasks and notifications applied.

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Citizen Engagement benefits:

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