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Getting “Indy-vative” at the 2017 AssetWorks Academy

Hundreds of fleet and asset management professionals converged last week at the crossroads of America, Indianapolis, Indiana, for the 2017 AssetWorks Academy. The Academy is a 4-day technical and industry training event held annually for [...]

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5 Benefits of EAM Software for Parks and Recreation

Imagine a community without parks. There would be no playing fields to kick around a soccer ball with your friends, no kids laughing as they swing from monkey bar to monkey bar and no benches [...]

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What’s New at the 2017 AssetWorks Academy

1. Location, location, location The 2017 AssetWorks Academy takes place at the Crossroads of America: Indianapolis, Indiana- home of the Colts and the Indy 500! Voted one of the Best Places to Travel [...]

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How Public Works Can Save Money with EAM Software

For most Public Works Directors today, budget cuts are the stuff of nightmares. Unfortunately, these budgetary restrictions aren’t confined to the REM cycle. As states continue constricting budgets, many departments, like Public Works and Parks [...]

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3 Superpowers You Get When Tracking Asset Management Data

It seems like every blockbuster movie coming out these days features at least one superhero-- from Batman and Superman to the many faces of the Marvel universe. These superheros have many powers, including the ability [...]

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How to Choose an Effective Public Works Software Vendor

An organization's relationship with their public works software vendor is vital to its long-term success. When evaluating different public works software vendors, keep these factors in mind: #1. History Is the vendor a proven software [...]

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