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Guide to Choosing the Best Fleet Management App

There are mobile apps for everything nowadays, and more fleets are investing in mobile applications. The goal of implementing mobile fleet software is to boost productivity and improve workflow- especially when paired with a robust fleet management platform.

Integrative with Other Fleet Solutions

Managers, technicians, and drivers are not at their computers all day, so they need access to fleet data to be shared wherever they are- in connected and disconnected areas. Not only does this allow fleets to be constantly informed, but it also allows everyone to make maintenance decisions based on real-time maintenance.

If you select an intuitive fleet management app, the app will integrate right with your fleet management solution- allowing for constant access to management software.

Saves Time

Utilizing a mobile fleet app allows fleets to cut down on time discussing daily operations and time spent waiting a turn to input information on the computer software. Technicians can have visibility of repair needs and statuses and related costs. The ability for all information to be added to the app in real-time also eliminates duplicate data entry- creating a time-saving workflow.

A fleet management app can additionally eliminate any communication bottlenecks by keeping your team connected no matter where they are. Managers do not have to wait until they’re in their office to assign tasks- they can manage operations from anywhere- reducing even more downtime.

Improves Efficiency

The key to operating an efficient team is to complete maintenance proactively. The centralization and real-time data from the mobile fleet app allow staff to be proactive instead of reactive. Fleet management software does help with improving efficiency, but using a mobile device takes it a step further by alerting devices when preventive maintenance is due.

Seamless Communication

Real-time updates allow everyone in the team to know what, when, and how to help maximize agility in a rapidly changing environment without losing control. Managers can create and track work orders from their office or mobile device to monitor their team’s progress- allowing for managers to have seamless communication with their team.

Furthers Business Intelligence

The application should track your activity- including work orders, direct time, indirect time, and more. The data from this allows managers to analyze any patterns or trends and detect where there is room for improvement. If analyzed correctly, fleets can reduce the chances of the jobs repeating themselves and ensure jobs are cost-effective.

Organizations are achieving leverage by using a mobile app, but that is the case only if they select the correct one. With so many applications on the market, finding the right mobile fleet app may seem impossible. Luckily, AssetWorks offers a MobileFocus Enterprise suite- which includes the FleetFocus EDGE fully responsive interfaces, the Fleet Connect suite of disconnected mobile applications, and the SmartApps suite of connected mobile apps.

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