AssetWorks Launches Scan & Validate: Revolutionizing Inventory Management with New Mobile Solution

Austin, Texas Feb 22, 2024 (  – AssetWorks, a leading innovator in asset management technology, is proud to announce the launch of Scan & Validate, a cutting-edge web-based mobile solution designed to redefine inventory management for businesses. This comprehensive tool seamlessly integrates with existing systems, offering automated scanning, reconciliation, and ensured data accuracy, thereby revolutionizing the traditional inventory process. Scan & Validate was designed and developed to streamline every aspect of inventory management. 

Efficient and Accurate Inventory Reconciliation

Scan & Validate introduces an efficient mobile solution that revolutionizes inventory processes. By automating and streamlining physical inventory tasks, it allows for field-based scanning, editing, syncing, and the generation of missing asset reports, all from a mobile platform. Compatible with a variety of devices, it facilitates flexible, real-time inventory updates, working both online and offline to sync at configurable intervals, up to every 30 seconds, with a network connection.

Key highlights: Innovative Features for Enhanced Inventory Management

The launch of Scan & Validate introduces several key features designed to enhance inventory management:

  • Automate your inventory process: Scan, edit, sync, and generate reports on-the-go.
  • Simplify reconciliation: Quickly compare collected data against original records.
  • Trust in your data: Keep your inventory current with automatic syncing.
  • Enhance data accuracy and compliance: Secure your data with robust validation and tiered access.
  • Dynamic reporting: Robust pre-built and “on the fly”, user generated reporting
  • Universal integration: Seamlessly connect with existing asset management systems, including ERP databases and other systems, without disrupting your workflow.
  • Flexible data export options: Provides SFTP or local data export options to accommodate diverse user needs.
  • Customizable application branding: Allows for personalization of the inventory management solution to align with corporate identity.

A Leap Forward in Inventory Management

“Let Scan & Validate revolutionize your inventory approach,” says Ellena Howze, CEO of AssetWorks – Asset Management. “Our web-based mobile solution is designed not just to simplify inventory management but to transform it entirely. With our innovative features, businesses can now ensure data accuracy, comply with regulations, and make informed decisions faster and more efficiently than ever before.”

About Scan & Validate

Scan & Validate is at the forefront of inventory management solutions, offering a web-based mobile platform that simplifies and automates the inventory process. With its commitment to innovation, accuracy, and efficiency, Scan & Validate is dedicated to helping businesses streamline their inventory management practices.

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About AssetWorks

At AssetWorks, we understand that managing assets can be a challenge. With over 35 years of experience and more than 1,000 customers in public and private industries, AssetWorks is a leader in understanding and developing solutions for these challenges- from increasing efficiency and improving data transparency to reducing overall costs. Learn more at”


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