Recoup News: Named best in scalable asset management solutions 

Recoup, the all-in-one resource recovery system for government and higher education, was recently named the best asset management software by the third-party review site softwaretestinghelp.com. Recoup brings the best of fixed asset inventory management, with the power to add on features to scale for each users’ unique needs. In their review, softwaretestinghelp.com notes: 

Verdict: AssetWorks is one of the best-fixed asset inventory software in the industry. It is highly recommended by its users. The software can be the most suitable solution for a large-scale asset management requirement.

The features that especially stood out include: 

  • Mobile inventory solutions to conduct annual inventories and cycle counts  
  • Track one facility or multiple distribution centers/ locations 
  • Multiple ways of calculating depreciation. 

Why People Choose Assetworks Recoup

Recoup is the ideal fixed asset management solutions for large organizations such as state governments and universities because it includes POS (Point of Sale), Counter Sales and Image Capture. Our latest addition includes Recoup Promote, a Content Management system so that property managers can seamlessly upload their fixed assets to a SEOoptimized website that allows users to find and request assets. Other feature add-ons include an online store, online and live auction services and credit card processing with seamless integration and support.  

These are just some of the reasons why Recoup, powered by AssetWorks, has been named #1 for scalable asset management. 

Saving time and money while producing powerful insights for your management, financial and operations teams should not be a pipe dream for any property manager, it should be a fact of life. See why AssetWorks is best-in-class:  

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