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Maximize efficiency and maintain accurate, up-to-date fixed asset records with AssetMAXX.

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Simplify asset inventory and reconciliation

Maintaining accurate, up-to-date fixed asset records has never been more important. Government regulation and an overall push toward greater transparency for organizations necessitate that fixed assets be tracked and accounted for from acquisition through disposal.

At AssetWorks, we understand that tracking capital and non-capital assets can be time consuming and challenging. However, the rewards for doing so can be great. By introducing operational efficiencies via an asset management software system, you and your team can spend less time reconciling asset data and more time using that data to enhance organizational decision-making.


Streamline inventory processes

Developed and tested by asset management professionals, AssetMAXX is a powerful and flexible fixed asset solution. Whether you are in need of a new comprehensive fixed asset system or are interested in a user-friendly, robust alternative to interface with your ERP, AssetMAXX can meet your fixed asset goals and requirements.

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GAAP and GASB 34/36 compliant

Save time preparing GAAP and GASB 34/35 compliant reports with a collection of standard reports and the ability to create your reports as needed.


Streamline data communication

Streamline data communication processes by maintaining all asset related information in one sophisticated database, accessible by everyone in real-time.

Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency with automated workflow processes for adding and disposing of assets, transferring assets, modifying asset records and more.

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Additional Features

Asset accounting

Asset tracking

Asset reporting

Secure data

Discourage misuse and theft

Streamline training

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