Image Capture

AssetWorks: ImageCapture

Scan a barcode, snap a picture, and sync it all back into your asset database with this helpful app.

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Gain better control over assets

Create more enticing surplus sales with AssetWorks’ Image Capture. Use this app to easily upload and attach photos to assets in your Asset Management System or Surplus Management System software, then sync back to your asset database. Image Capture removes the guesswork from inventory management and helps make marketing surplus more effective.

Capturing images of assets has never been easier

With the AMP Image Capture application, users can add images of assets to existing asset records using a tablet or mobile device. Simply scan the barcode tag of an asset or enter its asset ID number then select the “add photos” button to capture and save up to 5 images per asset. To sync the images back to existing asset records, simply select the “sync photos” button. It’s that easy!

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