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Recoup Active Assets

Manage Your Active Assets with Recoup

Is your organization managing its valuable assets in Excel spreadsheets? If so, it’s likely you are losing time, money and flexibility. Investment recovery software like Recoup can help reduce errors, speed up data collection, and produce reliable reports for property managers and finance, accounting and management teams.

Recoup, powered by AssetWorks, goes beyond the functionality of traditional asset management systems by combining active and surplus asset management in a single platform. Optimize every sale (or transfer) with the greatest efficiency and ROI thanks to three integrated disposition modules. Our mobile-friendly, cloud-based software ensures access to streamlined processes and reliable data. If your organization is struggling to track assets or identify surplus, we can help.

Recoup Active Assets

Manage your active assets

Maintain accurate data, automate inventory and maintain audit-ready records. Leverage flexible reporting tools to see just how well you’re performing. Integrated “cradle-to-grave” platform; goes beyond tracking assets to help your organization optimize its investments

Recoup Merges Active Assets & Surplus Management in a Single Platform

Additional Features

Manages data and processes critical for handling active and surplus fixed assets

Manage, transfer, advertise, sell or auction all while maintaining a flexible system of records

Maximize profits while minimizing effort

Integrated “cradle-to-grave” platform. 

Integrated with Workday, SAP, Oracle Financials, Peoplesoft, Banner, Service Now, Gov Deals, Aim, Shopify, Maximo, VinTelligence, OKTA, MS Entra, etc.  

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