AssetMAXX Named Most User-Friendly Active Asset Management Software

AssetMAXX News: Named Most User Friendly – The Best Fixed Asset Management Software

AssetMAXX, the  powerful and flexible fixed asset solution was recently named the most user friendly fixed asset management software by the third-party review site AssetMAXX focuses on streamlining inventory processes, ensuring assets, both capital and non-capital, are tracked from acquisition to disposal and notes:

The software includes automated workflow processes, which can potentially reduce manual input in tasks like adding, disposing, transferring, and modifying asset records. The software’s design to discourage misuse and theft, along with its training features, can be seen as a response to common challenges in asset management.

The features that especially stood out include: 

  • GAAP and GASB 34/36 Standards
  • Centralized Database
  • Asset Accounting, Tracking, Reporting, and Secure Data Storage
  • Reduction of Data Input Errors 

Why People Choose Assetworks AssetMAXX

Simplifying asset inventory and maintaining accurate, up-to-date fixed asset records has never been more important. Government regulation and an overall push toward greater transparency for organizations necessitate those fixed assets be tracked and accounted for from acquisition through disposal. 

Whether you are in need of a new comprehensive fixed asset system or are interested in a user-friendly, robust alternative to interface with your ERP, AssetMAXX can meet your fixed asset goals and requirements. These are just some of the reasons why AssetMAXX, powered by AssetWorks, has been named the Most User Friendly Fixed Asset Management software.

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