Surplus management software

Closing the loop on lifecycle asset management

Help achieve your sustainability and zero-waste goals

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Maximize resources and track information

Managing a surplus property from acquisition through redistribution, sale, or disposal can be a very labor-intensive, time-consuming process. However, the benefits associated with extending the useful life of assets, generating revenue, and diverting waste from landfills can be great.

Whether you are tracking one facility or multiple distribution centers, AssetWorks’ Surplus Management Software is a scalable solution designed to help you automate and streamline processes, making it easier to achieve both environmental and fiscal sustainability goals.

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Generate revenue

Multiple methods of resale, redistribution, and disposal provide organizations an opportunity to generate revenue and extend the useful life of assets.

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Ensure compliance

Run standard reports and create custom reports as needed to enable informed decision making and support organizational and regulatory compliance.

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Increase productivity

Automated workflow processes for managing surplus property from transfer/receipt through sale can save organizations time and money.

Streamline communication

Maintain all information related to surplus assets in one sophisticated database solution, accessible in real-time by approved users with various levels of access.


Our solutions seamlessly integrate with a range of platforms, including Workday, SAP, Oracle Financials, Peoplesoft, Banner, Service Now, Gov Deals, Aim, Shopify, Maximo, VinTelligence, OKTA, and MS Entra, ensuring a comprehensive solution for our customers’ diverse business needs.

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Additional Features

Transfers, receiving, and warehouse management

Redistribution, sale, and disposal

Federal Surplus (SASP) Asset Management

Reporting, accounting, and mobile data collection

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