Election Asset Management Software

Help Ensure the Integrity of Every Election Event

Every election matters, ensure you have the right assets at every polling location.


Election Asset Management Software To Reduce Risk and Ensure Greater Data Integrity

Many processes must come together for a State, Local, or Federal election event to be successful. While advancements in technology and government regulation can help ensure the security and integrity of the election process, risks like hacking, electronic malfunction, and fraud make data visibility and integrity more important than ever. 

With easy to use functionality to support pre-election, Election Day, and post-election processes, AMP Election Asset Management software from AssetWorks offers the data tracking, reporting, transparency, and real-time updates you need.

Streamline Communication

Maintain all election asset information in one easy-to-use database accessible by approved users in real-time.

Increase Efficiency

Automate workflow processes for everything from adding, transferring, and disposing of assets to recording detailed calibration and testing information.

Gain Insight

Leverage approval processes and a user-friendly reporting tool to gain insight into election asset data and business processes.

Generate Confidence

Help ensure data and asset integrity by tracking and reporting on vital information including chain-of-custody, maintenance, repair, and test results.

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Additional Features

Asset inventory, transfer, delivery, & receipt (chain-of-custody)

Asset maintenance, calibration, & repair

Testing, verification, & seal information

Election event information

Whether you are in need of a new stand-alone system or a user-friendly alternative to integrate with your current solution, an asset management software solution from AssetWorks can meet your needs.

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