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The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) has established cooperative contracts with many technology vendors to leverage the buying power of the State of Texas. Purchasing software through a Texas DIR vendor allows you to save time and money. DIR contracts are all competitively bid in accordance with the requirements of the State and prices include exclusive DIR contract discounts. An overview of the DIR Co-op Contract Program can be found here.

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Solutions Available on Texas DIR Contract

Asset Management Software
Built to a best practices standard, AssetWorks fixed asset management software solutions gracefully scale from single user to enterprise solution allowing users to track and report on assets throughout their lifecycle.

(Includes: Transfer Module, Depreciation Module, Building/Land/Infrastructure, Check In/Out Module, Mobile Transfer Module, Fleet Management Module, Internal Transfer Module, Elective Tracking Module)

Mobile Inventory Software
AssetWorks’ mobile inventory solutions were developed based on decades of fixed asset data collection and reconciliation experience. Our user-friendly solutions work in conjunction with our asset and surplus management software or can stand on their own to supplement your existing system.

(Includes: Scan & Validate)

Surplus Management Software
With modules for everything from the surplus transfer to the surplus sale, AssetWorks Surplus Management Software is designed to meet the needs of today’s surplus property manager.

(Includes: Web-Surplus Module, Surplus Warehouse Module, Counter Sales Module, Manual Auction Module, Federal Surplus Module)

For questions about these products, or to obtain a quote, contact:
Sean Pugatch

FleetFocus Fleet Management Software
Manage maintenance costs and improve fleet operations by providing better data to maximize equipment and asset availability, decrease repair costs, and increase vehicle utilization.

(Includes: FleetFocus and all add-on and integration modules as contracted as well as transit vehicle assets, rail vehicle assets, linear assets, and EquipmentFocus.)

KeyValet Automated Motor Pool
Complete motor pool solution for both manned and unmanned motor pools. KeyValet manages all aspects of running a motor pool including customer reservations, vehicle check-out and return, billing, and maintenance of vehicles.

For questions about these products, or to obtain a quote, contact:
Carl Bruce
858-866-9061 x1415

AiM™ — Integrated Workplace Management System
Reduce costs by promoting better oversight and utilization of facilities and real estate, eliminate management redundancies and proactively manage the workplace, ensure regulatory and fiscal compliance by providing auditable data and complete transparency to enterprise assets, and realize your sustainability and business continuity goals.

(Includes: AiM IWMS, AiM CPPM, AiM Mobile Workdesk, and all AiM Add-on Modules)

For questions about these products, or to obtain a quote, contact:
Keith O’Brien

AssetWorks warrants that for a period of ninety (90) after delivery, the software will conform to the specifications published or provided by AssetWorks. AssetWorks further warrants that services will be performed in a good and workmanlike manner in accordance with industry standard. Any claim that services did not conform must be made within ninety (90) days of completion. In the event that the software or services are not in conformance with the foregoing, AssetWorks will promptly repair or replace the software to bring into conformance and, if a service, will re-perform services at AssetWorks’ expense. ASSETWORKS SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED STANDARDS, GUARANTEES, OR WARRANTIES, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND ANY WARRANTIES THAT MAY BE ALLEGED TO ARISE AS A RESULT OF CUSTOM OR USAGE, ANY WARRANTY OF ERROR-FREE PERFORMANCE, OR ANY WARRANTY OF THIRD PARTY PRODUCTS, OR FUNCTIONALITY OF THE CUSTOMER’S HARDWARE, SOFTWARE, FIRMWARE, OR COMPUTER SYSTEMS.

Return Policy
AssetWorks policy is to not accept returns of its software or services.