Easily Manage Your Work Orders with Electronic Field Ticketing – Assetworks

In the highly competitive oilfield services industry, it is critical to streamline operations as much as possible to maximize profits, and one area of improvement is field ticketing and work order management.

Managing the flow of information from the office to the field and back can be a time-consuming, inefficient process that costs money in staffing resources and overtime hours. Manual paper-based operations lead to many errors with field tickets which flow down to inaccurate customer billing and service issues.

With AssetWorks Field Service Solutions, you can electronically manage field tickets and work orders to track the status of each job easily. By allowing you to streamline workflows, and address any issues in real-time – there is a savings of 20 minutes per job – meaning increased productivity in each work day.   In today’s competitive market, the improved customer service from having real-time information combined with accurate and timely data for reducing billing cycles is critical to the success of your organization.

The life cycle of the work order is radically simplified leading to improved response times, faster dispatching, lower fuel costs, better maintenance, and improved communications.

Learn how AssetWorks Field Service Solutions improves the life cycle of a work order by watching this video here.


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