Wireless, Real-Time Uploading of Citations Added to BOSSMOBILE

Lone Tree, CO (September 29, 2014)—BOSS Software releases an update to BOSSMOBILE, a full-featured module for BOSSCARS that automates the ticketing/citation process in the field.  The updated BOSSMOBILE adds wireless functionality providing a real-time option for uploading tickets from handheld ticket writers to BOSSCARS.

With the new release of BOSSMOBILE, tickets are automatically uploaded securely as they’re written in the field via wireless network.  As citations upload into BOSSCARS, they are automatically associated with the customer’s account and updated in the campus information system (if desired).  If there is no connectivity, tickets are still “synced” with the system at the end of a ticket writer’s shift when the device is plugged in.

The BOSSMOBILE module allows enforcement officers immediate access to detailed information on registered vehicles and permit holders. Handwritten tickets are eliminated, reducing erroneous and duplicate data entry.  Visit the BOSSMOBILE page for more information on how this module automates many enforcement officer’s field duties.

BOSSMOBILE is an optional module that requires implementation of the Baseline BOSSCARS software.