Why Application Training Matters

With great power comes great responsibility.

We know that the late Uncle Ben from the Spiderman series wasn’t specifically talking about fleet and asset management when he said this iconic quote to Peter Parker, but that doesn’t mean it can’t apply. There are many factors involved when dealing with fleets, assets, and employees. From keeping up with maintenance requests to filling out work orders, fleet and asset management can be a juggling act; however, with the technology available today, like applications and software designed to manage all of your everyday tasks, your job can be made easier.

Just because Peter Parker was bitten by that radioactive spider doesn’t mean he transformed into Spiderman overnight, and the same applies to fleet managers. Parker needed to learn how to control his powers before he became the superhero we all know and love. In the same fashion, fleet managers need to learn how to control their new applications too- and that means training.

Why does training matter when dealing with new application software?

1. You won’t waste time experimenting
The trial and error method won’t help your business. Through proper application training, you can avoid the headaches and frustrations that go hand-in-hand with learning the ropes of a new application.

2. You’ll make fewer data entry mistakes
Have you ever accidentally entered data into the wrong section? Imagine doing that every day, just because you don’t know what you’re doing is wrong. Learn the right way, and never worry about where your data is ending up again.

3. You could learn tips or tricks unknown to most
Do you ever feel like the people who develop these new software applications know more than you? It’s because they do! If you pay attention during training and ask questions, you might be able to find out some shortcuts that would have otherwise flown under your radar.

4. Technology never stops advancing. Training programs make the adjustment period shorter
With a new iPhone seeming to come out every two minutes, it’s common knowledge that updates can be a frequent affair; however, if you thoroughly understand the previous version, it will be easier to adjust to the newer one.

With the proper training, adjusting to new fleet and asset management applications can be a breeze. No radioactive spider bite required.


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