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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide All Fleet Managers Need

We love the holiday season, but there is no doubt there is stress that comes with deciding what gift to give your staff. To be clear, managers don’t have to gift their staff, but it is a nice gesture if you choose to do it. The last thing we want is more stress this holiday season, so we have put together the perfect gift guide just for your team- all under just $25:

Best Gifts for Technicians

Hand moisturizer- From $3
Hand moisturizer is a simple gift to help heal dry skin, especially during winter. With technicians washing their hands so often to get off any grease and grime, protect them from dreaded dry skin.

Coffee thermos- From $25
Technicians don’t always have the time to sit down and drink their coffee in a mug. Gift them a coffee thermos, so they can stay caffeinated through the day without spilling their coffee from their mug.

Best Gifts for System Administrators

Blue Light Glasses- From $14
Staring at a screen all day, every day can affect how System Administrators feel once they leave work. Gift them some blue light glasses to help filter away blue light from screens to improve their visual performance and quality of sleep.

Coffee Mug Warmer- From $16
When you are busy working on the computer, you often forget your coffee mug is sitting there next to you, getting cold. Keep your System Administrators from continuously reheating their coffee, and gift them a coffee warmer- so their coffee stays warm all day.

Best Gifts for System Analysts

Blue Light Glasses- From $14
Blue light filtering glasses ensure your System Analysts do not damage their eyes from looking at their computer screens all day. Your analysts will thank you as blue light glasses reduce the chances of eye fatigue and other things that come along with a lot of screen time, such as headaches and blurred vision.

Desk Vacuum- From $10
When you work at your desk all day, the chances are it gets pretty dirty. With a desk vacuum, your data analyst can, at a click of a button, clean up any crumbs, dust, or eraser residue on their desk, so they constantly have a clean working environment.

Best Gifts for Sustainability Managers

Reusable Sandwich Bags- From $10
There is nothing Sustainability Managers like more than helping the environment. With the amount of sandwich bags used each year to pack lunch, they will surely love the opportunity to reduce that waste with reusable sandwich bags.

Tote Bag- From $14
Gift your Sustainability Manager a reusable tote bag. Whether they use it to bring their lunch to work or carry their groceries, they will appreciate the opportunity to eliminate plastic.

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