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Streamline fleet vendor management processes with Vendor Gateway 

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Vendor services are an integral part of any fleet maintenance operation. The resources in your maintenance workshops cannot handle all the different types of repairs that are needed to maintain a fleet. Let Vendor Gateway help control your vendor management operations, so your fleet can count on efficient and accurate reporting of outsourced services.

Greater Efficiency

Streamline vendor workflows to allow your staff to better service your fleet vehicles

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Improved access to information

Improve vendor access to vital information, so they can spend more time serving your vehicles and less time on paperwork

Accurate data

With a single data source, critical vendor management information is always current

Finally: an integrated solution that completes the outside maintenance workflow.

Vendor Gateway seamlessly integrates with AssetWorks FleetFocus fleet management software. It can be configured so that your vendors access only the data they need to complete their portion of the workflow. Your fleet organisation benefits from the flexibility and control to ensure that a complete set of transactions are collected and validated to your standards. 


  • Improve accountability of your outside service vendors.

  • Allow vendors to view their work recorded in your system from their point-of-view.

  • Greatly reduce time spent managing outside services for your fleet.

  • Increase the recovery of warrantable repairs done by outside vendors.

  • Use standard metrics to measure the efficiency of vendor services.

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and redundant data.

  • Provide timely updates to operations when outside services are employed.

  • Streamline the approval process for vendor payments.

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