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The AssetWorks Fleet Management Story

“At AssetWorks, our customers serve as our main inspiration. For over 35 years, they have pushed us to create innovative and practical solutions in order to help them succeed.”

Gordon Smith, AssetWorks

Fleet, EAM and FSS Divisions

Gordon Smith, Division Vice President, AssetWorks Fleet, EAM and FSS Divisions

Our division of AssetWorks develops fully integrated Fleet Management Software and Fuel Management Systems, as well as the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) products for Public Works and Field Service Solutions for the Oil & Gas industry.

Why is AssetWorks different? Here’s a quick snapshot: We understand and respect our customers, our wheels of innovation never stop turning and our products are all integrated. Want to learn more about our mission, our team, our customers and our products? Enjoy this short slideshow and find out what separates AssetWorks from other fleet management software companies in the United Kingdom.

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