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Maximise your efficiency and minimise downtime with FleetFocus Fleet Management Software for the United Kingdom

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Fleet vehicles exist to perform a job for their organisation. It’s up the fleet department to keep the entire fleet on the road performing those duties in the most cost-effective manner possible. FleetFocus fleet management software provides the technology and tools to help your fleet department thrive.  It manages every aspect of a fleet vehicle from cradle to grave, and every day in between.

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FleetFocus provides better data in less time to aid in making decisions that have long-term benefits for the organisation. With a proven track record of over thirty five years, FleetFocus is the premier fleet management software solution for public and private fleets across the United Kingdom and beyond.

How Wakefield Council Improves Fleet Operations with Integrated Fleet, Fuel, Motor Pool and Mobile Technology Solution.



  • Reduce vehicle ownership costs
  • Extend useful life of vehicles
  • Increase equipment availability
  • Increase warranty recovery
  • Optimise inventory levels

  • Ensure regulatory compliance for vehicle management, maintenance and parts and inventory management


  • Complete vehicle equipment life-cycle management
  • Robust work order functionality
  • Technician certification and training management
  • Purchasing and parts inventory management
  • Seamless, real-time integration with AssetWorks FuelFocus fuel management system
  • 200+ out-of-the-box standard reports with customisation setups

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