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Over 35 years of fleet management software innovation

At AssetWorks we provide innovative and practical solutions to help our customers and the people they serve. We have more than 4 million vehicles and 10 million equipment assets under our management.

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how Wakefiel Council Transformed Transport Services with AssetWorks

Case Study: Wakefield Council

Wakefield Council transformed their existing fleet system into an all-encompassing solution.

Royal Mail Expands SMR Fleet Services Pilot Programme

Blog: Royal Mail Expands SMR Fleet Services Pilot Programme

Royal Mail, the UK’s largest fleet operator, announced an expansion of its pilot programme sharing service, maintenance and repair (SMR) fleet services with third party fleets.

From Grey to Green: How to Turn your grey fleet into a green fleet.

Infographic: From Grey Fleet to Green Fleet

Learn how to change your grey fleet into a green fleet using AssetWorks’ integrated solutions.