It’s Time to Ditch Your Old Asset Management Tools

When it comes to your asset management solution, are you still “walking to school barefoot – in the snow” when there’s a bus stop in front of your house?

“When I was your age… I had to walk to school in the snow – barefoot, uphill both ways.”

It’s a familiar story we’ve all heard from older generations. The hardships of the “good ‘ole days”, and a stark contrast to easy life we all enjoy today.

When it comes to remembering the “olden days”, we look back with an overblown perception of the hardships we endured.

Exaggerated history aside, modern technology facilitates efficient, accurate work. Especially when it comes to data entry and information management.

The right technology provides the framework for an efficient, accurate workplace.

In your facility, are you still “walking barefoot in the snow” when you there’s an easier solution?

In asset management, the benefit of leveraging technology is often overlooked. Inaccuracies and extra leg work often creep in. You can simplify life by incorporating  facility management software as part of a larger IWMS.

You don’t have to leave data accuracy up to chance.

Does your team struggle with incomplete or inaccurate asset profiles? Is the accuracy of information lost between the field and data entry in the shop every night?

Often, the gap between obtaining information and documenting it results in inaccurate reporting. Even with meticulous care, it’s difficult to maintain data accuracy when all information is entered at the end of the day.

Asset inventories are cumbersome and inconvenient – which leads to delayed or incomplete inventories.

Thanks to mobile technology, there is a solution.

Mobile applications can revolutionize asset management at your facility.

Mobile reporting equip workers to gather real time information and report data from field. By leveraging mobile technology, your staff is equipped to quickly and accurately report information – all from their smart phone or tablet.

Barcode scanning allows users to perform quick and accurate inventories in the field. Asset meters can be read quickly and easily via barcode scan or reading route.

Entering data in real time increases accuracy. When equipped to gather and enter data in the field via mobile applications, staff can avoid mistakes, duplicate data, and unnecessarily repeated trips.

Are you ready to enhance your facility by embracing today’s technology?


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