The Secret to Optimizing Job Success: Remember What Your Mama Told You.

Regardless of her level of experience in the business arena, your mom was full of excellent advice. Some of which is more applicable today than it was when we were tykes.

When I was a kid, my mom always told me to: “work smarter and not harder.” She’d usually pass along this nugget of wisdom along with other motherly gems like: “many hands make light work” And “this is why we can’t have nice things.”

I can’t fault her for saying them, though. After all, she did have a point. Having more people to pitch in expedites job completion. Behaving destructively with nice items will lead to their unfortunate end. And, implementing the right tools to do the job will allow you to accomplish more – in less time.

Sometimes finding and using the right tool can feel like a colossal drain of time and resources. However, if you take the time to find the right tools for your team and implement them properly, the payback can be hundredfold.

If you’ve ever wondered about the specific benefits of implementing a facilities software program like an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), JJ Revell – Finance Manager and AiM administrator for Wyoming Schools Facilities Division could readily abate your fears.

Providing funding and immense expertise to all K-12 school facilities in Wyoming, JJ and his team oversee 170 capital projects, and 1,400 structures. The Schools Facilities Department manages a plethora of undertakings – from new construction and renovations to small projects within a facility. It’s an understatement to say the facilities management team is tasked with daunting responsibilities.

Before an IWMS was integrated, the department endured inefficiencies resulting in massive frustration. Vital documents were stored in a haphazard fashion, many critical papers were lost, and reporting processes required weeks of documentation and research.

Contributing to the mayhem, detailed fiscal reports from the department were required monthly for the sake of accountability.

Without a central storage location for information, the creation of these monthly reports for the state legislature was tedious process involving the painstaking retrieval of information. The painstaking process required about three weeks to complete.

The IWMS implementation integrated all departmental systems, allowing for a streamlined processes and rapid information integration.

Thanks to this innovative approach, the much dreaded reporting processes that once took over three weeks to complete can now be completed in approximately 45 minutes. The integration of various and sundry reporting and filing systems created an ecosystem that made the documentation and retrieval of documents simple. With the ability to pull data almost effortlessly, the facilities team can dedicate their time to improving educational experiences rather than churning out reports.

JJ explained that these systems were not only revolutionary for their department, but they impressed visitors as well: “Yeah, we told our auditor about this when she visited us a while back. Her jaw pretty much hit the floor in amazement when she saw the difference between the two methods of reporting.”

With an effective IWMS, not only is the school facilities team equipped to leverage faster reporting methods, they are also able to track their budget in real time, avoiding overdrawn budgets at the end of the year.

When it comes to facilities planning, the team is now better equipped to create, store, and budget for their plans. All facilities planning happens in an IWMS, including the storage of files, all of which are hyperlinked across all documents across the board.

The team is now better equipped to focus on the children of the state, rather spending their days endlessly pushing paper, and wading through mounds of red tape and organizational nightmares.

As it turns out, mama was right. Working smarter and not harder is the way to go. (And, you should ALWAYS look both ways before you cross the street.)