Why an Online Store is Your Ally in University Surplus Revenue Generation

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The First Line of Defense Ask yourself this question, when you are unsure, or looking for information where is the first place you check? For many that place is Google (or another search engine) and that number is going up. In 2012 offline sales accounted for up to 92% of total retail sales, but [...]

No Surplus Warehouse. No Problem.

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These days on some college campuses and in some areas of the country, space comes at a premium. If you are responsible for the disposal or redistribution of surplus assets but don't have a warehouse in which to store those assets or have limited space in which to store those assets, rest assured, you are [...]

Location Isn’t Everything: 5 Keys to Running a Successful Off-Campus Surplus Operation

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Location is an essential factor for most businesses. University surplus managers running off-campus warehouses can vouch for that. An off-campus location challenges managers to develop effective strategies to transport surplus assets, get student workers to the warehouse, and attract customers from campus and beyond. Rising to the challenge means building an identity that’s in [...]

7 Ways Colleges and Universities are Promoting Surplus On Campus and Around Town

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Promoting your surplus operation and available assets can make a difference in meeting your waste diversion, revenue generation, or other goals. Getting the word out on campus and around town helps drive customers to your warehouse and move items off of the shelves. Here are a few strategies surplus managers are using to publicize [...]

Spread the Wealth

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Using Departmental Reimbursements to Improve Surplus Throughput and Results At many colleges and universities, it can be a challenge to convince the departments on campus to contact the surplus property department when disposing of end of life assets. Giving them a stake in the game can encourage participation. Institutions of higher education across the [...]

Three Ways To Improve Traffic To Your Surplus Warehouse

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As Colleges and Universities across the country continue to focus on sustainability and "zero waste," effective Surplus Property Departments are critical. While finding ways to bring more items into the Surplus Warehouse is important, going hand-in-hand with that is finding new ways to promote their redistribution and reuse. Here are three ways to encourage [...]

University Surplus Reimbursements: “Show Me The Money”

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Generate More Revenue for Your Surplus Operation Regardless of how your surplus department is funded, bringing in more revenue is never a bad thing. For self-funded departments, it means a greater operating budget. For fully-funded departments, it could mean larger departmental reimbursements. Either way, it likely means more waste diverted from landfills and more [...]

There Are So Many Ways To Reuse Surplus Assets!

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We love when our friends over at the University Surplus Property Association use their Facebook account to share ideas for reusing various items. It's amazing to see the many ways in which surplus property can find a new life. We'd thought we'd get in on the action and share some of our favorite finds with you. Wood [...]

More Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Surplus Warehouse

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In a previous post, we suggested 3 ways to increase traffic to your surplus warehouse. Since more visitors can mean more sales and greater asset turnover, this is generally a top priority for surplus property managers everywhere. So beyond providing good information, increasing communication, and building relationships, we think it’s time to get out there! [...]

From Functional to Fabulous: Help your Customers See the Potential in Surplus Assets

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It seems everyone these days is turning into a DIY enthusiast.  With the popularity of websites like Pinterest and YouTube there are tutorials and ideas for upcycling just about anything. This means your surplus warehouse may be a treasure trove just waiting to be explored.  By featuring some of the ideas and tutorials below [...]