University Surplus Policy Resources

Surplus Asset Management | What to Include on a Surplus Transfer Form

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When you put together a university surplus program, you might feel like you’re surrounded by a jungle of details. But the more you can streamline, organize and document your surplus asset process, the easier your journey will be when inventory and auditing season comes around. One of the first and most important steps in [...]

How to Create a University Surplus Management Policy

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Maybe you're considering launching a university surplus program, or your program is just beginning to get off the ground. Or maybe it's time to revisit your already-existing policy. No matter where you are in the process, you can help your school, your program — and make it easier on yourself! — by developing a [...]

The Role of Surplus Property in Campus Demolition Projects

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No fixed asset can last forever, and buildings are no exception. Whether due to dwindling residual value or significant deterioration, there may come a time when the best strategy is to demolish a campus building. Once your institution has decided on demolition, however, you’re faced with the task of addressing all of the assets inside [...]

University Surplus, Sustainability and The Triple Bottom Line

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The focus on sustainability in higher education has become prevalent throughout the country. Institutions like the University of Central Florida and Ohio State University helped pioneer sustainability programs in the early 2000s, and since then, many other schools have followed suit. By 2013, more than 665 U.S. colleges and universities had publicly committed to [...]

Spread the Wealth

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Using Departmental Reimbursements to Improve Surplus Throughput and Results At many colleges and universities, it can be a challenge to convince the departments on campus to contact the surplus property department when disposing of end of life assets. Giving them a stake in the game can encourage participation. Institutions of higher education across the [...]

Surplus First

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Does your College or University have a Surplus First Policy? Having a Surplus First policy can be extremely beneficial to any college or university striving to achieve sustainability or zero-waste goals.  What is a Surplus First policy? Great question!  Many institutions of higher education, like our friends at the University of Pittsburgh, have a [...]