Spread the Wealth

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Using Departmental Reimbursements to Improve Surplus Throughput and Results At many colleges and universities, it can be a challenge to convince the departments on campus to contact the surplus property department when disposing of end of life assets. Giving them a stake in the game can encourage participation. Institutions of higher education across the [...]

University Surplus Reimbursements: “Show Me The Money”

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Generate More Revenue for Your Surplus Operation Regardless of how your surplus department is funded, bringing in more revenue is never a bad thing. For self-funded departments, it means a greater operating budget. For fully-funded departments, it could mean larger departmental reimbursements. Either way, it likely means more waste diverted from landfills and more [...]

Moving Surplus Without Moving Surplus

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How coordination, communication, promotion, and software can help you sell/redistribute surplus property without the burden of moving it or storing it in your warehouse Let's face it, you might not have space in your surplus warehouse to store or display ALL of the dorm room furniture that came from the building on campus being [...]

Mind Your P’s And Q’s (And R-S-T’s, Too)

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How to Improve your Surplus Transfer Process Running a successful surplus operation involves minding more than just your P’s and Q’s; it means minding just about every letter of the alphabet. We skipped all the way to Q-R-S-T to fill in the attributes of a successful surplus transfer process. Having a process in place [...]