Managing University Surplus: Software vs. Spreadsheets

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University Surplus Management Methods Surplus property includes assets you no longer need at your organization, but that doesn’t mean these assets are obsolete. As a university surplus manager, your goal is to extend the useful life of these surplus assets, ensuring your university generates as much value as possible by disposing of surplus property [...]

The Financial Benefits of Surplus Software for Universities

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Moving to an automated solution to manage your surplus assets can result in a slew of fantastic benefits. Ones not just for your warehouse but your whole university. Surplus management software can save you time, encourage other departments to become more involved, and, of course,  make sure your university’s assets are disposed of responsibly. [...]

University Surplus Management | Ensure Proper Stewardship of University Surplus Assets

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If you’re involved in university surplus management, you know how valuable a successful program can be. Fixed assets represent a significant investment of university resources and play a critical role in your institution’s success. Whether your surplus warehouse is fully funded or self-funded, resources can be limited—so, as you well know, it’s important to [...]

University Surplus Management | Encouraging Engagement

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University surplus management is an important job. From our experience working closely with universities, we’ve learned that surplus operations have a lot to offer their institutions, including waste diversion and revenue generation. Your surplus operation can certainly be successful alone, but adequate support and cooperation from fellow university departments can help your warehouse achieve [...]

The Role of Surplus Property in Campus Demolition Projects

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No fixed asset can last forever, and buildings are no exception. Whether due to dwindling residual value or significant deterioration, there may come a time when the best strategy is to demolish a campus building. Once your institution has decided on demolition, however, you’re faced with the task of addressing all of the assets inside [...]

University Surplus, Sustainability and The Triple Bottom Line

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The focus on sustainability in higher education has become prevalent throughout the country. Institutions like the University of Central Florida and Ohio State University helped pioneer sustainability programs in the early 2000s, and since then, many other schools have followed suit. By 2013, more than 665 U.S. colleges and universities had publicly committed to [...]

Surplus Property: An Untapped Resource for University Waste Diversion and Revenue Generation

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Universities across the country continue to prioritize sustainability and a drive towards zero-waste among their top initiatives. According to the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), “the most successful campus waste reducers have established challenging waste reduction goals and are implementing broad and numerous initiatives to achieve those goals.1” From [...]

Location Isn’t Everything: 5 Keys to Running a Successful Off-Campus Surplus Operation

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Location is an essential factor for most businesses. University surplus managers running off-campus warehouses can vouch for that. An off-campus location challenges managers to develop effective strategies to transport surplus assets, get student workers to the warehouse, and attract customers from campus and beyond. Rising to the challenge means building an identity that’s in [...]

Surplus Managers Opt to Stay Local

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University surplus managers aren’t going out of their way to move products internationally More U.S. companies – large and small – are turning their focus to overseas sales as American brands continue to find success in international markets. However, most university surplus organizations aren’t following suit. Dealing with school administrators, customers and busy schedules [...]

7 Ways Colleges and Universities are Promoting Surplus On Campus and Around Town

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Promoting your surplus operation and available assets can make a difference in meeting your waste diversion, revenue generation, or other goals. Getting the word out on campus and around town helps drive customers to your warehouse and move items off of the shelves. Here are a few strategies surplus managers are using to publicize [...]